“LA PEPITE” project : 100% autonomous lighting

Located in the north of France in Mons-en-Barœul, “La Pépite” is a 9-storey building with 45 apartments, clad in a metallic mesh and benefiting from 100% autonomous lighting thanks to energy solar. This building, included in the city’s development plan, is the work of CAAU Architects (Coldefy & Associés Architectes Urbanistes) as well as Rozen Le Couillard, lighting designer at Noctiluca.

The main idea of ​​this project was to reproduce, as naturally as possible, the variations in light intensity generated by sunlight on the structure of the building. The lighting had to be almost invisible by sublimating the metal mesh, while preserving the comfort of the residents and avoiding disturbing the urban environment.

It is therefore in partnership with the company NOWATT Lighting that the LUMTEAM teams have designed the NATIK, an LED projector programmed in “Dynamic white” (warm white / cold white variation) and capable of operating solely thanks to the solar energy produced. and managed by NOWATT Lighting equipment; a real technological advance in terms of autonomous solar scenario in 2018.

The NATIK is an LED projector in anodized aluminum with white RAL epoxy paint. Equipped with the latest generation of LEDs at the time of the project, this projector is equipped with an intensive 6 ° optic, in dynamic white. NOWATT Lighting’s photovoltaic equipment powers all of the projectors to give life to the metal mesh surrounding the building. The programming of the battery and the piloting of the NATIK are done through a proprietary application on a smartphone which provides intelligent control of the light intensity and the color temperature according to different criteria: The environment, the seasons (3 hours of lighting summer versus 6 a.m. in winter), weather conditions and latitude.

According to Rozen Le Couillard, “this lighting is a tribute to the sun because of the light waves slowly evolving on the structure of“ La Pépite ”in the evening, a tribute to geometry in the void thanks to the variations of lights which transcribe the sunshine. It is also a tribute to the night by the light waves which gradually disappear to give way to the night sky ”. (Excerpt from the interview, “Behind the scenes of the highlighting” of “La Pépite”, by Candéliance).

It is a great pride for LUMTEAM to have been able to put its industrial and technical know-how at the service of this original and avant-garde project.