Creation & Design

Through in-house knowledge of electronics, optics, mechanical and material design, we can offer stat-of-the-art solutions to most of our clients’ needs, meeting the highest outdoor standards in terms of quality and product durability.

We can thus contribute to every phase in the life of a lighting project, be it small or large.

Small black anodized aluminum LED floodlight with a blade of light effect for LED lighting

Study & projet simulation

Given the constant evolution of the industry, we are aware that each project can be unique.

Our expertise with design tools allows us to help the lighting expert in his product choices through a realistic modelling of the lighting effect. This, in turn, optimizes the cost/performance ratio of the lighting fixtures.


All our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the current standards applicable to lighting fixtures as well as those for waste management and environmental impact.

We internally review each new standard and decree, so that our LED lights remain fully compliant and up-to-date with legislation.

Our products thus meet all of the applicable French and European standards for outdoor lighting.

If other norms or standards are required, for a specific country or region,  the necessary compliance tests can readily be performed.

Place d'armes, Valenton LED lighting very large projectors RGB Draco Maxi luminaire Lumteam