Dynamic Light Programming

We offer a variety of services to help our clients realize their ideal light settings and be at ease with the use of their light fittings, especially when automatic dynamic light variations are sought, or when various lighting scenarios need to be programmed and controlled.

We put at our clients’ disposal various programming tools, equipment and protocols to allow a wide range of dynamic and static light management possibilities, and provide them with the training and the documentation necessary for full autonomy.

Custom cabling

All of our products come with the standard 1-meter cable length.  But we are aware that in-situ operational constraints can sometimes be tricky.

This is the reason why we provide our clients with the possibility of ordering their fittings with just the right amount of cable lengths to fit the project requirements.

This tends to facilitate (and accelerate) the installation process as it reduces the number of connexions to be made and thus minimizes the risk of not securing their waterproofing, as must generally be done with all exterior connexions.

After-sale service

Our products benefit of the standard 2-year warrantee of the European lighting industry.  This warrantee can however be extendable to 5 years, on demand.

The warrantee covers all defects that are linked to design, manufacturing or component non conformity.  It does not cover inadequate manipulation, installation or misuse of the product.

In case of failure or any other problem noticed with the light fitting, our standard procedure calls for a full in-house examination of the product to determine the root cause of the problem and the issuing of a detailed technical report explaining the situation and proposing the most adequate repair solutions.

Notwithstanding the normal warrantee, we also offer a full after-sale service on any of our products, no matter its age and operational state.  A full refurbishing of the product can be done whereby all internal components are tested and replaced to give the product a second life.

We feel it is our responsibility to fully accompany our clients throughout the useful life of their products and help them get the most out of their investment.