Durability and precision.

Our mission is to design and manufacture durable, high-performance products that meet the most ambitious expectations of the lighting expert.

It is precision, in both our manufacturing processes and commercial interactions, that guarantees the level of quality required to maintain a trustful and perinnial relationship with our customers and partners.

Products with DEprogrammed obsolescence

From design to manufacturing, our devices are built to last. In fact, we repair, recondition and replace only the defective component for each of our LED light fixtures.

We are at the antithesis of “programmed obsolescence”

Small Brass LED Flood Light for Outdoor LED Lighting

French know-how

We are a member of the French FAB initiative and of the UIMM, the French Syndicate of Industrials and Manufacturers.

Our manufacturing partners are part of the local and regional industrial fabric and are highly specialized and recognized in their respective fields.

This ensures products that are 100% made in France, comprising a select choice of materials and components for optimal product performance and resistance.


Sustainable relationships for sustainable projects

We invest in the long-term.  Quality is nothing if it is not sustainable.

Sustainability, for us, implies responsible and virtuous investments in production but also in relationships.

We therefore take great care in choosing and building trustful, relationships with local ecosystems for a minimal environmental impact.

And we take even greater care in building robust, long-lasting equipment that preclude the use of materials with a negative environmental footprint.