In 2015, the lighting design agency 8 ’18’ ‘won the Special Jury Prize of Acetylene for his work in the development of Montargis Plateau area. LumTeam is proud to have made a custom implementation for the realization of this project based on specifications of the Lighting designers.

8 ’18’ ‘puts the light in the wild François Migeon and Emmanuelle SEBIE, light artists, have sided with Jacques Coulon and Linda Leblanc, landscapers, to focus their work on the natural cycle of vegetation and light.

A bold and fantastic project that required the installation of masts with floodlights RGBW along the banks of the Loing, transformed into a “green backbone” of Metasequoia through and uniting three different cities.

A new custom creation for LumTeam The arms were to be able to articulate on the mast to accommodate the growth of trees, such bright branches accompanying the evolution of the vegetation it values. Gemini RGBW LED spotlights fixed on the frame diffuse colored light appropriate to the season. White hot spring, green in summer, orange in autumn and cool white in winter, artificial lighting follows the rhythm of the earth.

This magnificent project, which brings light to its origins, has received due recognition from the Association of light and Eclairagistes Designers. On this occasion, LumTeam present at 8’18 ” all warm congratulations and reaffirms his pride in working with them!