Stop disinformation – bulbs and Luminaires LED

GIL, Union of Luminaire, the Union of lighting and Cluster light you pray well find below and attached the press release they make to all of the players in the sector as well as to the media:

Light bulbs and fixtures LED disinformation to stop!

The FIGARO dated September 11, 2015 and M6 when his diary on 14 September at 12:45 relayed incomplete, dramatized and anxiety-provoking information about lights and LED bulbs.

1 ° / “light bulbs and lighting fixtures LED pose a new danger: blue light ‘: false, all light sources, including the Sun, already emit radiation in the blue, the phenomenon is well known and is already the subject of regulations and standards.

2 ° / “all light bulbs and LED lights emit hazardous blue radiation for the retina”: false. Are concerned that some high-powered LED sources reserved for professional applications (outdoor lighting of great height for example). They are not available for sale for purposes of normal lighting inside buildings, and security arrangements for their use.

3 ° / “There’s no regulation for this blue light”: false. All of the manufacturers of lighting and LED light bulbs must verify that their products do not emit too much blue light, for this they use methods defined in European standards NF EN 62471 and IEC/TR 62778 worldwide. This relevant on these products marking committed manufacturer in compliance with the regulations.


In France, the profession of lighting has invested in these standardization work and also has a laboratory, PISEO, in Lyon, which has the necessary equipment for these measures.

LED lighting offers advantages for consumers: very low aesthetic consumption, and variety of products, ability to vary the intensity and colours; and for the community: energy saving, long life expectancy. The use of light bulbs and LED luminaires will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the France CO² reduction and will give users a high quality and a new comfort lighting; It is a revolution!

The signatories of this statement strongly regret such misinformation that scares consumers private professionals.


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Find this article on the web site of the GIL: stop misinformation – bulbs and LED luminaires.