LUMTEAM offers its customers by recycling solutions

LUMTEAM joined Recylum and finance the collection and recycling sector approved for professional electrical waste (WEEE Pro). This voluntary commitment of LUMTEAM allows its customers to benefit from free and simple solutions to ensure the recycling of their fixtures.

This sector, not-for-profit approved by the public authorities, resumed and recycle free of charge electrical equipment and from used electronic building, industry, research, and medical (categories 5, 8 and 9 of the WEEE regulations *).

Thus, LUMTEAM customers can dispose for free their used luminaires. They get certificate to the key, the assurance of rigorous treatment complies with regulations. Simply to appeal to Recylum indicating their solution collection most suited to their needs.

For all the solutions collection:

Electrical and electronic equipment contain polluting substances (cards, batteries, batteries, screens, capacitors, mercury, etc.). Their remediation and recycling to preserve natural resources and in particular strategic raw materials.

* Waste of electrical and electronic equipment (sections R543-172 et seq. of the Code of the environment).